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Odas Global Consulting reaches the top of global business consulting companies

Odas Global Consulting reaches the top of global business consulting companies, as it can easily have been noticed through their successful business consulting and investments projects. Due to the large number of business consulting and investments advice services, the company offers solutions for the most challenging difficulties of the business environment.

Starting with 2003, Odas Global Consulting has designed a range of business consulting and investments advice services, addressed to all entrepreneurs’ needs.

“The ODAS Global Consulting team has the ability of continuous self-evaluation and improvement, which is why over the years we have managed to achieve the expected results. As a consultant, I  believe that the most important thing is to understand the real needs of the beneficiaries in order to discover the best solutions. Our values are reflected in the entire activity of the company. Customer focus, optimism and team spirit are just a few of these” declared Dragos Ionut Onescu, CEO of Odas Global Consulting.

The company’s vision focuses on successfully implementing and promoting projects, both on national and international level, contributing to the development of the society.

Business consulting services that Odas Global Consulting offers include everything an entrepreneur may need, regardless of the phase of their company. Whether it is a beginner company or one found in huge impasse, the services designed by Odas are conceived to come up with solutions for every situation.

A team of more than 20 experienced consultants offers business consulting services and investments advice for defining a company’s vision, an improved business positioning, an improved design, an increased company’s value, but also for successful mergers and acquisitions, as well as for efficient restructuring. 

Their services are so varied that they include solutions for marketing and sales, optimizations of the supply chain, transformation of business processes, cost reduction, an improvement of financial flows and accountant services. For entrepreneurs who need tax consultancy and financial evaluation, Odas consultants can offer professional support. 

Odas Global Consulting’s aim of reaching the top of business consulting companies determines them to focus on each service offered. Thus, their professionalism is observed in the interest with which they offer the best marketing services for their clients. They create efficient sales strategies, digital marketing campaigns and market research, without neglecting the importance of selecting an appropriate workforce and obtaining the best results.

Odas Global Consulting is a business consulting and investments company, founded in 2003, that works globally on delivering the best business consulting services, European funds consultancy, investments, as well as architecture, lobby and technological services.

Odas consultants works in a wide range of sectors, including financial services, health, commerce, energy and environment, technology and telecommunications, life science and cyber security. Based on the turnover registered from 2003 to the present, it is the number one consultancy company in Romania. 

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